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Vertex Partnership Group posted on 24 Sep 2020

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Liquidity drying up for VC firms as investments age

The pressure is mounting on VC funds to show real cash returns to investors, but as exits are delayed and market conditions remain rocky, some early VC funds might be burdened with a backlog of ageing investments.

As they look to divest their shares in portfolio companies to realise returns, fund managers will have to decide between offloading shares at a discount in the secondary market, or asking investors for more time - and they are treading a thin line because this might in turn affect their ability to fund future bets, observers said.

Funds need to show their investors that they can exit their positions over time, said Chua Kee Lock, CEO of Vertex Holdings.

Although they might have on paper a good net multiple or internal rate of return (IRR), what investors are really looking for are real cash-on-cash returns.

24 Sep 2020
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Technopreneur Webinar Series 2020

ImgVertex Holdings is pleased to present an 11-Part Technopreneur Webinar Series. This series aims to facilitate the sharing and exchange of ideas and insights, as well as provide fundamental understanding of the intricacies of entrepreneurship for aspiring technology founders and innovators.

24 Sep 2020
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Vertex Ventures SEA & India | Vertex Growth | The incredible growth story of Licious

How meat and seafood brand Licious made the most of the pandemic tailwinds and now has revenue of Rs1,000 crore in its sights by March 2021. Can it get there?

The incredible growth during the pandemic didn’t come on its own. Much went behind the scenes, especially in cracking the supply chain, which had three critical components. First was getting hold of raw meat. The initial days of lockdown not only shut down everything, but also ensured confusion regarding movement of commercial vehicles. Poultry owners, hit hard by shutting down of hotels, restaurants and local markets, were in a fix as demand suddenly vanished. The second problem was taking care of factories, which not only had to be run but, as Sadana puts it, “had to be run safely, without letting the virus in”. Lastly, Licious had to ensure that the delivery channel—it has its own set of riders and doesn’t depend on online food aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato—were safe and had not contracted the virus. The big question, he lets on, was never about demand. “It was about supply.”

24 Sep 2020
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