21 Sep 2022

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The Future of Semiconductor: Video Documentary

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Semiconductors power virtually everything in our modern world - cars, mobile phones, satellites, health devices. But what are semiconductors and what's next for the future of semiconductors? In this Vertex Originals, we cover the journey of semiconductors, and how silicon carbide and gallium nitride might just be the future of semiconductors.

Featuring insights from Sandeep Bhadra (General Partner, Vertex Ventures US), Dr Surasit Cheng (Head, Wide Bandgap, A*Star Institute of Microelectronics) and Pierre Garnier (Managing Partner, Jolt Capital)

Check out our interview with Pierre Garnier, Managing Partner at Jolt Capital, as he shared his insights on the latest VC funding and innovation trends for the semiconductor industry, and the winning hand for related startup.

Don’t miss our Vertex Perspectives on Third-Generation Semiconductor: The Next Wave?

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Vertex Ventures HC | Palleon Co-Founder Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi wins a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Pioneering Methods of Studying Glycobiology

We're excited to share Palleon Pharmaceuticals scientific co-founder Carolyn Bertozzi, Ph.D., has been awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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