20 Apr 2022

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The future of EVs and AVs

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The future of mobility lies in creating a mobile lifestyle that integrates infotainment services and vehicle autonomy.

An emerging technology shaping the future of infotainment is wireless power transfer. Smartphones can become the information receiver and router for a vehicle's dashboard infotainment center and automotive manufacturers are adopting operating system standards to enable seamless integration from Android or iOS interfaces to dashboards. With rising demands for connectivity features, consumers and manufacturers are welcoming the idea of building software-defined vehicles (aka smart cars), making infotainment and connectivity a possibility.

In a similar vein, LiDAR (light detection and ranging systems) is emerging as a new technology for Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). LiDAR provides better object detection and distance measurement and is currently one of the most accurate ranging technologies used in consumer, automobile, industrial and other sectors. Automakers are partnering with LiDAR startups to improve navigation and safety with notable collaborations established such as Volvo and Luminar, Arcfox and Hua Wei, as well as Nio and Innovusion.

Autonomous technology integrates better with electric engines and as the trillion-dollar market continues developing globally, vehicles of the future are expected to be autonomous, connected, electrified, and shared.


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[EN] E-mobility | Part V - The future of EVs and AVs

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