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Impersonation of Vertex Ventures US General Partner in Korea

Vertex Holdings28 May 2024

We have been alerted to a scam involving the impersonation of a Vertex Ventures US General Partner in Korea.

The scammers fraudulently claim to represent Vertex Ventures in Korea under the entity “Vertex Ventures KR”. The scam has been operating on an online community blog, involving luring individuals with “free investment advice” from the CEO of “Vertex Ventures KR”. The scammers entice individuals to install a mobile application “Vertex KR”, to which money is solicited from the individuals.

This is a scam and is not associated with Vertex Holdings nor Vertex Ventures. Vertex Ventures does not have a “Vertex Ventures KR” entity and we do not offer investment advice via online channels (Kakao, YouTube, Line, Band, Telegram, Facebook, etc) nor have authorised any third party to do so on our behalf.

If you have been contacted by these scammers , you may wish to inform the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

Vertex Holdings does not assume or accept responsibility for any transactions conducted with the impersonators.

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    Advisory on Hiring Scams
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