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Message from CEO

Chua Kee LockChief Executive Officer, Vertex Holdings

Vertex Holdings was founded over 30 years ago, with the keen sense that transformational technologies would be a critical differentiator in an increasingly competitive world. Today, Vertex is established as a global VC platform, where a network of separate and independently managed VC funds makes investments in technology and healthcare companies from around the world.

To access the best investment opportunities out there, we believe that having deep, local knowledge and networks are vital. Vertex’s global-local, team-of-teams architecture allows our teams to be closely connected with the local innovation ecosystems they operate in, with the unique added advantage of support from the global Vertex network. The latter is particularly important in deal-sourcing and portfolio value creation, as the market for innovative products and services is borderless. This network architecture enables our partners to access the best companies, while providing a business development springboard for startups to scale internationally.

Across the Vertex network, we have over 100 VC professionals, representing an impressive array of investor-operators. Together, we are proud to have built many great technology companies that improve people’s lives by transforming businesses, portfolios and economies.

More than ever, accelerating technological advances and innovation will bring about greater disruptions to economies and the world. Building on the foundation of our unique parentage, operational expertise and track record, Vertex is here as a differentiated and enduring global venture capital platform, for the world of tomorrow.

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Our Global Network

The Vertex global network of venture capital funds comprises Vertex Ventures, Vertex Ventures HC and Vertex Growth.

With funds based across innovation hubs in China, Israel, Southeast Asia and India, the US and Japan, we create a unique platform for portfolio companies to realize their full potential by leveraging the combined experience and resources of our extensive network of global partners.


Advisory on Hiring Scams
We are aware of scammers using social media, email, SMS and/or other channels impersonating Vertex staff offering employment opportunities at Vertex. They may also request individuals to provide sensitive personal information including financial details. Please ignore such unsolicited calls, text messages and discard such emails. Do not respond nor provide any personal information. If you require any clarification, please contact us.

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