15 Mar 2023

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25 Feb 2023

News & Announcements

Vertex Ventures US | Accelerating Our Security Cloud Vision: Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Valtix

Cisco is excited to announce our intent to acquire Valtix, a privately held cloud network security company founded in 2018. 

As a strategic investor in Valtix since 2020, Cisco supports Valtix’s commitment to simplify network security, protecting workloads no matter which cloud they are created or consumed in. With their cloud- native, easy-to-use control plane, they enable customers with common policy and enforcements of networking across all major public cloud environments. 

We expect to close the acquisition by the end of Cisco’s third quarter of FY23.

21 Feb 2023

Innovation Ecosystem

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Vertex Ventures SEAI | The Business Times' Column | Due Diligence: How to Assess a B2B Marketplace

In the past decade, we have witnessed tremendous growth of Business to Business (B2B) commerce platforms across South-east Asia and India. Gartner estimates B2B online marketplaces are forecast to account for 40 per cent of the global online retail market within the next five years, with Asia being the key market driver.

17 Feb 2023

News & Announcements

Vertex Ventures IL | Ledge aims to build automation tools for finance teams

Ledge automates multiway reconciliation, ensuring a company’s internal records of payments owed and due match the transactions that appear in its bank statements. It also enables real-time ledgering, updating the record of all of a company’s financial statements by connecting to existing data, payments and banking infrastructures.

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