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General Policy

ESG is integrated into our investment processes by including:

  1. Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) considerations when evaluating whether to invest in a particular company or entity, as well as during the period of ownership.
  2. Access to and engagement with, relevant stakeholders either directly or through representatives of our portfolio companies.  We endeavour to promptly communicate and address our concerns on ESG-related risk and opportunities.
  3. Compliance with applicable national, state, and local labour laws in the countries where we invest; support the payment of competitive wages and benefits to employees; provide a safe and healthy workplace.
  4. Respect for the human rights of employees of the portfolio and will not invest in companies that utilize child or forced labour or maintain discriminatory policies.
  5. Endeavour to provide timely information to our Limited Partners on the matters addressed herein.
  6. Encourage our Vertex General Partnerships and their portfolio companies to advance these principles in a way that is consistent with their fiduciary duties.
  7. Follow the principle of “Good governance guided by both doing right and doing good, thereby doing well over the long term.”

Investment teams shall be guided by the above and our principles in the investing process.

Post investment, our Investment teams will continue to provide oversight to portfolio companies to ensure compliance with these principles. They will promptly work with portfolio companies to address potential ESG-related risks identified.

Selected ESG considerations include:

  • Environment – energy consumption, pollution, climate change, waste production, natural resource preservation, animal welfare etc
  • Social – human rights, child and forced labour, community engagement, job creation, health and safety, stakeholder relations, employee relations
  • Governance – quality of management, board independence, conflicts of interest, executive compensation, transparency & disclosure, shareholder rights.
Vertex Holdings

Our Global Network

The Vertex global network of venture capital funds comprises Vertex Ventures, Vertex Ventures HC and Vertex Growth.

With funds based across innovation hubs in China, Israel, Southeast Asia and India, the US and Japan, we create a unique platform for portfolio companies to realize their full potential by leveraging the combined experience and resources of our extensive network of global partners.


Advisory on Hiring Scams
We are aware of scammers using social media, email, SMS and/or other channels impersonating Vertex staff offering employment opportunities at Vertex. They may also request individuals to provide sensitive personal information including financial details. Please ignore such unsolicited calls, text messages and discard such emails. Do not respond nor provide any personal information. If you require any clarification, please contact us.

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